You Never Know Where You'll Find an Acme Staple Painted 1860 staple Supplying the world with the best staples and other fastening products for more than a century... We’d like to do the same for you. Learn more Staples for Commonly Available Staplers Acme Staple – Supplier of staples to fit commonly available staplers in many combinations of wire materials, wire tensile strengths, wire sizes, point configurations, and leg lengths. Tiny 2002 Full Cable Group 1675 Learn more Custom Applications At Acme Staple, our engineers and designers are always up to a challenge. With Acme, even the impossible can be possible. Random Staples 2011 Learn more Don't Be Caught Short or Long. Has your current supplier let you down? Need a run of a common size staple at a special leg length? Contact us today to find out about our Short Run/Fill In service. Stainless 2018 Learn more
Full Cable Group 1675

Why You Should Choose Acme Staple

  • We’re experts in specialty fastening
  • Our superior experience and design capabilities
  • Model shop for fast prototyping and development
  • Strong applications support
  • We’re creative problem solvers, which means we’re up for any project
  • We’re easy to work with
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • You won’t find a more creative, dedicated staple-making team anywhere

More Than a Century Making the Best Staples in America!

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