Staples Designed to Your Specifications

Acme produces staples in a wide variety of materials, wire sizes, tensile strengths, and point configurations. Need Inconel® high tensile blunt pointed staples or aluminum low tensile staples with a divergent point? The “point” is that Acme Staple can produce the staples you need, how you need them.

  • Materials:

    Steel – coated with zinc aluminum, bronze, thermoplastic, or other materials; Stainless Steel; Brass; Bronze; Inconel®; Monel®; and Copper

  • Diameters:

    Currently .015″ (.35mm) to .150″ (3.8mm)

  • Tensile Strengths:

    Low, medium, high, extra high

  • Point Configurations:

    Blunt, full chisel, outside chisel, inside chisel, divergent, combination